Ally Bisshop - Marble

Bisshop, Ally. Marble. Lost Rocks, 2017.
“The very first image that declared humankind’s victory over the Earth was Blue Marble. The ultimate aerial view - it was also a projection into the future, that contained with it all the submission of the past. A trumping of the ‘natural laws’ that had attempted to enslave us: chemistry, biology, gravity, velocity, relativity.

A triumph over matter.

Blue Marble gave us the Earth as a toy, a plaything: ours to roll about, ours to clink against others, ours to thrust forward in a decisive military ploy.”
(page 1)

"Like all of us, I was born in this fluid middle - in the swelling wave between the first exhale and the first intake of breath, which is a very difficult position to sustain. The wave is a temporal body; a fluid movement - that of waving. It crests in the same gesture in which it falls, scissoring the surface of the ocean body as it quivers its bowels. The wave|waving is the unquiet interval between form and movement, between the push and the suck, between being made and unmade, between all the mirrored pulses of invention and dissolution. And, it is in this interval that all of the atoms of possibility are marbled together into new and unsteady forms."
(page 72)