Designing A Lunar Perspective as a book

A Lunar Perspective has moved through many potential designs as a book

Starting with the idea of a concertina which could fold open and stand as a sculptural piece - the body of the text running on one side and the footnotes on the other, in an orbit around the paper. However, due to the length of the text, the concertina would end up being five metres long and therefore impossible to turn over to read

Another iteration was as a very lost cost book so that I could make many of them for people to be able to take in the exhibition. However, again due to the length of the text, the cost of paper and even basic binding would be too much to make many copies

When designing the book, I wanted to make sure that the hand was present in its making - a reminder of the body through the text and into the page

The design iteration at this moment of pausing the project allows an individual to hold the book in their hands and read it easily - the design of the book is simple to amplify and direct attention to the words on the page, the space around them  also lifting them up

This iteration is handbound so it is not feasable to create multiple copies, however a digital version of the book exists on this website to allow people to engage with the text outside of the context of the exhibition