Filming on the Isle of Grain

A day trip to the Isle of Grain, where the Thames meets the sea, and one of the closest land / sea borders to Lunar House
We arrived early in the morning when the tide was compeltely out and watched as the water slowly approached the land - the mud as the space of transition, sticky, sucking my boots away with it - the border line invisible, intangible between the swirling pools of water

I am not used to using such large film equipment and I enjoyed working with it, as my eyes blinked desperately against the sun to see the screen

It was interesting to observe how people reacted to such obvious film equipment - either avoiding the area I was filming or coming up to open into conversation about the equipment

The beach and the sky were wide and open to the horizon - I enjoyed the contrast between the technical equipment and this vast space open to the elements, where the wind is salty, the sun bright and the banisters rusting against the waves