Performing A Lunar Perspective

On the 16th October 2019, I performed A Lunar Perspective in the North Observatory in UCL in 6 orbits to 6 groups of people.

Above photo courtesy of Henrietta Williams
People were invited to join me in the North Observatory for a performative reading of A Lunar Perspective followed by tea and an opportunity to read from the works that are woven within the piece

The observatory space as a space of reflection - it used to be the UCL Astronomy department’s observatory - now it is a space to step outside of the everyday and look back, giving the distance to consider and think

The space allowed for small groups and an intimate atmosphere - the performance speaking to the bodies in the room

The images in the projection come from Google Earth - moving between the moon and the land / sea border

The images from Google Earth moving over my body as I read from A Lunar Perspective - speaking to the connection / disconnection between body, image and land - and the shifting scale between the body, the geographic and the celestial in trying to understand the politics of traversing the border

Someone commented that the shape of the projections was like an eye - framing what we are seeing

Having the other space to lay out a selection of books from my bibliography was a wonderful opportunity to foreground the works of others that have shaped and are included within A Lunar Perspective