Himali Singh Soin - Subcontinentment

Singh Soin, Himali. Subcontinentment. 18 May 2019. Performance at the Whitechapel Gallery.
“South Asian Futurism does not fantasise about a future / Because it cannot isolate the future from the past / It fantasizes about a life in -between”

“It wishes to grab language by its horns / Grab the English language by its horns and / wring it off its yes’ and nos/ and everythings and nothings / and hang it out to dry / In the equatorial sun in the middle of infinity”

“South Asian Futurism dismisses its title / Denouncing South Asia as a universal region without specificity / Denouncing futurism as an accomplice / to the violence that comes with / acceleration”

“Subcontinentment swerves through space / It aspires, transpires, desiring / First of all an understanding of labour / Love lost to slavery / Subcontinentment is retrospective but it is not repair / It does not revisit its indentured past / But it does not try to escape it / Imitate it / Sublimate it”

“Subcontinentmet like the age old saying, / Remember The Future / The chuckles that sentence gets every time / Even in the mirror universe / Where time unfolds another way”