Languages of Lunar House

A piece of writing I created during Site Writing to explore the languages of and around Lunar House
Structured around a text from the website which describes the asylum screening process at Lunar House - a short, instructional text which epitomises the attitude, tone and approach of the Home Office

The language within this Home Office text is used to construct and enforce the border, creating the notion of a static and defined border

Etymologies show language in a mode of connection - always shifting, never static or controlled

Etymologies are made from the words from the Home Office text, showing the connections across languages

Using the language of and for the border to show how it cannot exist in isolation

Unravelling the notion of a static border

Forcing the Home Office text to traverse the page and exposing the diverse connections held within the words of the Home Office

The words from the Home Office become displaced within the etymologies which re-position them in reference to notions of borders, belonging, power and perception

The language and ideas from the etymologies are then used to shape the third part of the structure

Connections, both tangible and imagined, are made between the body, the earth and the sky - creating space for dreaming and reflection

Weaving narratives and questions around Lunar House and stepping back to reconsider and reflect on migration and belonging